Why PHP?

We wanted to create a company with an edge. That special kind of a company that others talk about. 
A company that profoundly makes a difference.

People Helping People exists because we live in a time that it needs to exist. Now more than ever, people are reminded that reliance on a government or an employer for financial security is a house made of straw. Self-reliance and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of economic freedom in America.

PHP is founded on the belief that we must embrace the principles that make America great. Principles that include working hard, living within your means, and creating your own wealth. Placing value on faith, family, and above all, the belief that we must help each other reach our potential.

Can any company live up to these ideals? This one can. And we have created a business model that refuses to compromise. 

* PHP will always be 100% free enterprise.  

*  We will offer life insurance and other financial products that are second-to-none.

  • * We will educate our clients so they will never need to fear finance.
  • * We will provide a business opportunity with unlimited potential.
  • * We believe passionately in the truth that entrepreneurship will help save America.
  • * We will never impose limits on territories, promotions, or income targets.